Holistic Co-Op

A Marijuana Dispenary serving Medical and Recreational customers .

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About Us

We are located in the Heart of Cottage Grove at

1049 E. Main St. Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424

Hours 10 AM to 9 PM 7 Days a Week

(541) 946 - 3337

Best Deals in Cottage Grove!



Jakes Grape
$22 per 1/8th

Holy Grail
$25 per 1/8th


Our Products


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pre lsd

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hells angel x g13b

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og tahoe

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green crack

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sour diesel bud

the stink

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blue zkittles

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green crack 8582

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sfv og 8409

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sour tangi

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pineapple punch vape

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blueberry muffin

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blueberry muffin

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thc tintures

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vape blue magoo

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strawberry lemonade sizzurp

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med man 1-1

Edibles (each)

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peanutbutter cookie

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sour bitz 50mg

50 mg gummy

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blackberry lollipop

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hard candys cold brew

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strawberry limeade gummy

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dark chocolate cherry

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mango lemonade gummy 2026

Extracts (each)

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ruid boi shatter 8848

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RSO house blend

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pre roll

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rebel spirit

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pre lemon kush

Contact Us

Contact Us

The Holistic COOP

1049 E. Main St.
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424

(541) 946-3337

  • Email cgthc1@gmail.com
  • Phone
  • Address 1049 E. Main St.
    Cottage Grove OR 97424